Ross Huff


1/21 - The Pherotones at the Last Word, 9 pm

1/22 - Jazz and Free Expressions at the Augur's Kettle, 7:30 PM

1/27 - Rhyta Musik at Cliff Bell's 8 pm 

1/28 - The Pherotones at the Last Word, 9 pm

2/4 - The Pherotones at the Last Word, 9 pm 

2/5 - Jive Colossus at Club Above wsg Hullaballoo, 9pm

2/9 - Mardi Gras Party at the Crossroads Bar, Ypsilanti: Rhyta Musik with Hullaballoo and Bearfoot

2/27 - The Tone Farmers at Witch's Hat Brewing Co, South Lyon

Ross Huff 

I'm a trumpet player. 

I am a performerrecording artist, arranger, composer, producer, educator, and writer residing in Ann Arbor, MI.

New Releases
Joshua Rilko & Lindsay Lou
present: Time & Luck

The title is a reference to the prime movers of the universe, according to Vonnegut. Lindsay and Josh play a variety of string instruments while their vocal harmonies tell the story of their musical background and life together. I co-produced at Jim Roll's Backseat Studios, released by Earthwork Music
Jim Roll
The Continuing Adventures of the Butterfly Kid

An incredible collection of talent has come together to support Jim's artistry and craftsmanship. My french horn debut is on the song "10 feet tall."  Click the album cover to stream or purchase. 
Seth Bernard and May Erlewine

​Produced, Recorded and mixed by Tyler Duncan, These songs are being released on a special bag of Higher Grounds coffee to benefit, the first in a series of seasonal fundraising collaborations. Available in the Earthwork digital store, "We Can Change (Our Own Minds)" and "Siren Song" features Trevor Hobbs on drums, I contribute flugelhorn harmony on the chorus. 

Darrin James: Bombs Away

Featuring musicians from Brooklyn and Ann Arbor, the A side of this "concept single," is inspired by Fela Kuti in its sound and message, and the B side is an epic funk-rock smasher. Cover art links to the iTunes download.