Ross Huff


Thursdays - The Pherotones
at Last Word Bar, 9:30 PM

Sundays - Brennan Andes and Friends, at the Ann Arbor Distilling Co., 5:30 PM

9/21 - 23 - Harvest Gathering 

10/10 - Disaster Relief - Cliff Bell's, 8PM

Ross Huff 
New Releases
Darrin James - Strange Storm 

Ranging from singer-songwriter lyric poetry to aggressive odd meter funk, this offering from Darrin James is a response to the many and varied ills which plague modern life. With special guest features from Detroit's Queen of the Blues Thornetta Davis and a powerful horn section of Dan Bennett, Tim Haldeman and Ross Huff.

Released by Ravine Records
Jim Roll
The Continuing Adventures of the Butterfly Kid

An incredible collection of talent has come together to support Jim's artistry and craftsmanship. My french horn debut is on the song "10 feet tall."  Click the album cover to stream or purchase. 
The Macpodz - Underwater Encounter 

In this fifth release by the collaborative ensemble, the core of rock n roll, funk and jazz compositions are augmented by spoken word and found sound. Underwater Encounter explores ideas of modern transportation and communication, inquires about our evolving relationship to places and spaces, and invites introspection while the good china rattles off the shelves. These songs came together as the band searched for its identity during a period of uncertainty and change. 
May Erlewine - the Little Things 

In this EP, May addresses the need to process grief that often arises during the holiday season, such as coping with the loss of a loved one, the pressure to conform with consumerism, and managing intense family dynamics. Community is necessary, dancing is necessary. These songs are sad and funky.

Released by Earthwork Music 
John Latini - The Blues Just Makes Me Feel Good

My favorite tune on this record is "My Town's Got a River and a Train." This gravel-voiced Ypsilanti southpaw takes us through many interpretations of the blues: poignant, sentimental, humorous, despairing, and funky, with whip smart lyrics and arrangements that in their originality pay homage to the great tradition of the music.

Released by Smokin' Sleddog Records

Friends with the Weather - Self Titled Debut 

Seth Hendricks and Chris Good have been writing songs together for 16 years. This new project brings together a phenomenal cast who light up these inspirational lyrics through a three-movement arc, "the Light Awakes," "From the Darkness," and "Over the Horizon." 

Released by Earthwork Music 
Disaster Relief 
eponymous debut

Guitarist Darrin James composed a brace of horn driven funk tunes, recorded in the Ravine Records studio throughout late 2017 and 18. 

The horn section of Dan Bennett, Molly Jones, Tim Haldeman and Ross Huff create a wall of sound enforced by the rhythm section of Rob Avsharian and Brennan Andes. 

​Released by Ravine Records
Dave Boutette & Kristi Lynn Davis - Easy as Pie 

On a track that is ostensibly about coffee, "the Daily Grind," I give a trumpet hook and make my slide trombone recording debut. 

Dave and Kristi have crafted humorous and cosy songs reflective of their relationship and warm demeanor.

I played at their wedding! There was pie and donuts and so much coffee.