Ross Huff


Ross Huff 
Projects and Collaborators 
The Macpodz

Disco Bebop Rave Gospel Townie Rock.
The modern manifestation of this band began in February 2006. 
Ay Ombe Theater

Josefina Baez is a performer, writer and theater director based in New York City, originally from La Romana, Dominican Republic.  
​Chris Bathgate

I've arranged, performed and recorded with Chris since we first met in Ann Arbor in 2002. He is a creative songwriter with charismatic stage presence.   
Chris Good and the Sweet Insurrection

Chris' debut album "Beautiful" was released in 2012. A community organizer, athlete, farmer, songwriter, and independent media representative, his message encourages listeners to buy local, eat more veggies, and love everyone.
Darrin James Band

Currently working in the studio with a ferocious horn section to bring to life James' prog-jazz influenced compositions. 
Elizabeth Minor

E. Minor's debut album "Dust out of Sand," arrived spring 2013 and is in rotation on her hometown station 90.7 WNMC FM, Traverse City.
John Latini

Rock, rhythm & blues, and country music inform John's eloquent songwriting. I've been in John's horn section for about two years. We're preparing for some exciting 2014 summer tour dates. 
The Tone Farmers

This power duo with bassist Brennan Andes formed in 2001, busking the streets of Ann Arbor. The band played a long run of private engagements before making an official public debut, and we now regularly appear at local venues with a cast of talented supporting musicians.