Ross Huff


Ross Huff 
"I fully endorse your collaboration with and hiring of Ross Huff for anything. Trumpet, critique, piano, singing, charting, vibes, intellect, style, and above all... Comprehension of what YOU are looking for, and the willingness and acumen to adapt, represent, and improve upon what you are looking for. Also, someone out there should pay that man to write a book."

-Christian Bathgate

Trumpet and Flugelhorn 

​• Horn arrangements
• Soirée entertainment
• Rock n roll festival stage show
• Instruction in trumpet performance and music theory
• Production, direction 
• Processionals, recessionals, and parades
• Pit orchestra 
• Sacred music
• Folk songs & sing alongs
• Installation art
• Performances for studio and stage  
• email for inquiries

Photo by Misty Lyn Bergeron © 2021